Wednesday, April 21, 2021   

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Hindutva Inspired Anti-Muslim Violence Rocks Indian State
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The anti-Muslim violence that erupted in Uttar Pradesh the past few days was instigated by Hindutva activists who forwarded a video they claimed showed Muslims lynching two Hindu men, in fact the video was from Pakistan and had nothing to do with Hindus. T

Newsweek: From ‘Black Rage’ to ‘Muslim Rage’
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Startling similarities between two Newsweek covers, pointed out by MondoWeiss

English Defence League march ends after failed bid to target mosque
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The incident came after a relatively peaceful march by the EDL through the city centre Saturday in which scuffles with police broke out along with bottle-throwing.

Loonwatch Stands with Protests for Freedom in Egypt
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Loonwatch, like many around the world has been glued to events in Egypt. Will it go the way of Tunisia, full blown revolution, or will brutal repression quell the revolt as happened in Iran? Only time will tell. You can follow the live stream of what is happening in Egypt at AlJazeera’s Live Stream.