Thursday, January 28, 2021   

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Anti-Muslim and Faux Liberal Sam Harris to Debate Dr. Robert Pape Soon?
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Sam Harris, considered one of the “four horsemen” (now perhaps the “three horsemen” after the death of Christopher Hitchens) of the cult of new age atheism may be set to debate Dr. Robert Pape, or so he claims on his website.

Richard Dawkins: “Islam” is an “Unmitigated Evil”
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Richard Dawkins, well known biologist and pop-atheist-guru (add goofball) recently brought up the question of whether or not atheists should support Christian missions in Africa. (hat tip: Rob)

Robert Pape: What Drives Suicide Terrorists?
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After examining 2,200 suicide attacks around the world since 1980 – the most comprehensive analysis ever conducted – I’ve concluded that the answer is both simple and disturbing.

Laith Saud: Addressing the “Muslim Problem”
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So let’s talk about the supposed “Muslim Problem.” This week Bill O’Reilly has been on a crusade to warn the American public that there is a “Muslim Problem” and that political correctness is stifling any discussion of it−the firing of Juan Williams being an example of such correctness.

It’s the Occupation, Stupid
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Glenn Greenwald, citing the work of University of Chicago scholar Robert Pape, describes how it is the United States’ occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq as well as America’s support for tyrannies in the Middle East that have led to an upsurge of terrorism.

Steve Clemons: US Bases Abroad Trigger Suicide Terrorism: Are There Other Options?
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Can it be that American military bases abroad, usually thought of as “stabilizers” in tough neighborhoods, are really the primary cause of radical terrorism against the US and its allies?