Saturday, January 23, 2021   

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Shlomo Lewis: Atlanta, 5771, might as well be 1935
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It finally found its way into my synagogue’s newsletter. Making its rounds on the internet is a sermon entitled “Ehr kumt” (Yiddish for “he’s coming”) given during last year’s Jewish High Holidays by Rabbi Shlomo J. Lewis of Atlanta’s Etz Chaim (Conservative) synagogue.

Imam Says Moving Muslim Center Could Spur Radicals
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The imam Feisal Abdul Rauf said on Wednesday night that if he had known how much strife would arise over his plan for a Muslim community center and mosque two blocks from the World Trade Center site, he would not have proposed it.

For Holy Days, Rabbis Weigh Words on Islamic Center
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With Rosh Hashana here, and Yom Kippur approaching, leaders of Jewish congregations are divided on how — or whether — to broach a controversy over a proposed Islamic Center near ground zero.