Friday, April 23, 2021   

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Let the fate of Richard Dawkins be a lesson to you all – Twitter brings out the worst in humankind
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This time, Dawkins, who prior to becoming a jester of the Twittersphere was apparently a well respected author, used the opportunity of International Women’s Day to blast the “loathsome religion” of Islam.

Asad Q. Ahmed: Islam’s invented Golden Age
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Prof. Asad Q. Ahmed follows his debate with an article in which he further explains his historical analysis and thesis regarding the origin of the “decline narrative” and the reasons for the present state of rational sciences in Muslim majority countries.

Islam, Science and the “Decline” Narrative
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How ironic to witness Richard Dawkins pseudo-scientifically prattle on about Muslims and Nobel prizes: “All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge” he said, undoubtedly with his nose turned up high in the air and a snobbish English accent.

Richard Dawkins Takes Up Islamophobic Narrative about Muslims and Nobel Prizes
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Richard Dawkins recently ignited a minor furor by pointing out that “All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge”. His defenders rushed to point out that his statement was merely a fact and as such there was nothing bigoted about it whatsoever.

Here He Goes Again: Sam Harris’s Falsehoods
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Sam Harris posted a recent blog about my views on Jihadis that is unbecoming of serious intellectual debate, if not ugly. He claims that I told him following a “preening and delusional lecture” that “no one [connected with suicide bombing] believes in paradise.”

The Economist On Islam And Science
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It goes without saying that Islamophobes thrive off of a twisted interpretation of the “clash of civilizations.” Ideologically, they are unwilling to accept that Islam and Muslims have offered anything positive to humanity, this is a reflection of their deep-seated hatred and resentment of everything Islam and Muslim related.

Prayer bumps, Muslim haters, and the danger of scientific popularization
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by Dr. Gabriele Marranci

Recently I came across a short article titled: The Muslim ‘prayer bump’ and Traumatic Brain Injury. Since I am interested in both religion as well as neuroscience, I eagerly read the short post.

Some Catholics Still Believe in a Geocentric Universe
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Should all Catholics be judged by this fringe group who are challenging modern science? What if they were Muslim? There would be ceaseless discussion about how Islam is incompatible with science and modernity. (hat tip: Ahmed)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: “Change the Constitution to Eliminate Muslim Rights”
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Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s quite radical anti-Muslim statements are not only coming to light but people are realizing that she is really a neo-Con…finally! She supports the curtailing of our civil liberties and imperial adventures to “civilize” the Mooslims.