Monday, April 19, 2021   

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Lawyers Seek to Prevent NYPD From Destroying Muslim Surveillance Records
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Civil liberties lawyers will seek to impose a restraining order on the NYPD in federal court today to stop the destruction of any evidence related to the alleged surveillance of Muslim communities since the September 11 attacks.

Rick “one issue” Lazio Loses to Carl Paladino
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Rick Lazio has lost the New York GOP primary for governor to Tea Party candidate Carl Paladino. Lazio, a former moderate Republican based his whole campaign on the so called “Ground Zero” mosque controversy.

‘Islamophobia caused Quran desecration’
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“These extremist activities are the result of Islamophobia and anti-Islamic measures in American, and according to the international laws and norms the US is responsible for preventing the spread of religious hatred,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said on Monday.

Rita Nakashima Brock, Ph. D.: Remembering the Sacred Acts of 9/12/01
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In attacking Park51, the Cordoba Initiative’s Islamic cultural center, the Geller-Palin-Gingrich-Beck-FOX syndicate has suddenly hallowed an old Burlington Coat Factory that lies two blocks from Ground Zero.