Tuesday, April 20, 2021   

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Florida advances Sharia ban
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Florida is once again mulling a ban on sharia law, this time passing a bill out of the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee that would prevent courts from considering “foreign law” when handing down legal decisions.

Sharia law ban and Muslim wives
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When Kansas State Senator Susan Wagle voted for Senate Bill 79 that would ban Sharia law in Kansas, she said that a vote in favour of the legislation was “a vote to protect women”. “In this great country of ours, and in the state of Kansas,” Wagle said, “women have equal rights.”

Florida State Lawmakers Push Bill That Would Ban Sharia Law
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Republican lawmakers in Florida are taking after a number of states and trying their hands at a piece of legislation that would prohibit Sharia law from being considered in court. As the Miami Herald reports, the bill’s two sponsors are pushing the measure despite their inability to come up with a precedent that would presumably warrant their concern.

REPORT: At Least 13 States Have Introduced Bills Guarding Against Non-Existent Threat Of Sharia Law
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This past November, Oklahoma voters by a 70-30 percent margin passed a ballot questionthat barred “state courts from considering international or Islamic law when deciding cases.”

South Dakota Considering Ban on Courts Using “Foreign Religious or Moral Code”
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In states like Wyoming and South Carolina, numerous state legislators are proposing measures to limit the application of “international” or “religious” laws in the court.

NYT: Intolerance and the Law in Oklahoma
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For a few days this month, it was illegal in Oklahoma for a state judge to base a court decision on Islamic religious law or consider any form of international law. It was a manufactured problem; the issue has never come up in the state’s courts.

A Victory for the Constitution: OK Injunction Struck Down
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Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange has strongly stated that the so called “anti-Sharia” measure is an affront to the Constitution. A sad day for fear-mongerers like Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and others who wished to foster hate of Muslims.