Monday, January 18, 2021   

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Fox News Host Wants Federal Investigation into ‘South Park’ for Blasphemy (RightWingWatch)
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Fox News’s Todd Starnes is sick and tired of ‘South Park’ and Hollywood getting a free pass. The Fox News commentator participated in the Values Voter Summit panel on “Religious Hostility in America” over the weekend.

2010: The Year of Islamophobia
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2010 has been an unbelievable year! Can we say that we are happy that it is finally over? Only if that means that the wacky anti-Muslim Islamophobia that reached unprecedented and at times demented levels will recede. However, it doesn’t appear as though that will be happening any time soon.

Islam and the Media in the age of Islamophobiapalooza
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Does all this (un)wanted attention serve to bolster the perception of Muslims (as the saying goes, “any publicity is good publicity”) or does it present a scenario of helplessness in which ones faith is gawked and bawked at willy nilly by political opportunists and an overwhelmingly complicit uncritical media? Or both?

South Park creator sings song at ‘Ground Zero mosque’ protest – shock revelation
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The report by the Coalition to Honor Ground Zero on yesterday’s right-wing protest against the Park51 development features the astonishing news that “Trey Parker sang his original song about stopping the Ground Zero Mosque”.