Sunday, April 11, 2021   

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Anti-Islam activist Pam Geller says Pope Francis ‘sanctions savagery’
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By Eric W. Dolan

Anti-Islam activist and blogger Pamela Geller lashed out at Pope Francis on Tuesday, claiming he condoned violence against Christians.

L.I. Synagogue Cancels Controversial Pamela Geller Speech
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A Long Island synagogue has canceled a controversial speech by conservative firebrand Pamela Geller. Geller was set to speak Sunday at the Great Neck Synagogue. She had been invited by the men’s club at the synagogue to give a speech on Sharia, the religious and moral code of Islam.

SPLC: FBI: Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Remain Relatively High
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Hate crimes against perceived Muslims, which jumped up 50% in 2010 largely as a result of anti-Muslim propagandizing, remained at relatively high levels last year, according to 2011 hate crime statistics released today by the FBI.

Islamophobic Smears of ISNA Convention 2012 Rely on Deception and Hate
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The ISNA Convention is one of the most important gatherings in the American Muslim calendar, so it is unsurprising that anti-Muslim activists focused on spreading misinformation and Islamophobia would target the convention with attacks and smears.

[Open Thread Sunday] Robert Spencer’s White Nationalist Colors
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This story comes to us via. Critical Dragon. It is an older story, originally published by the SPLC in November of last year. It is quite astonishing as it clearly proves Robert Spencer‘s links to and parroting of the White Nationalist line.

Frank Gaffney Accuses the SPLC of Endorsing ‘Anti-Semitism and Hatemongering’
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Gaffney: This is a really extraordinary thing, as you say the Southern Poverty Law Center has fallen dramatically from its past and is now in the service of people who are really the perpetrators of the worst of the anti-Semitism and hatemongering and so on.

Prominent Islamophobes Identified As ‘Heading Up The Radical Right’
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Increasing anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S. has shown enormous growth in the past two years, leading the Southern Poverty Law Center to mention three notorious Islamophobes on their list of “30 new activists heading up the radical right.”

The United States of America Defence League: “The Crusade Begins”
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Shouldn’t the United States of America Defence League (USADL for short) spell “defence” with an “s” as in “defense”? Just saying, it doesn’t seem very, as George W. Bush would say, ‘Merican to spell it with a “c.”

SPLC: The ‘Patriot’ Movement Explodes: Rise in Anti-Muslim Hate Groups
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By Mark Potok, Senior Fellow

The radical right grew explosively in 2011, the third such dramatic expansion in as many years.

Protests Against the Bigotry of Purdue Professor Maurice Moshe Eisenstein
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Professor Maurice Moshe Eisenstein is a tenured associate professor of Political Science at Purdue University Calumet. He is under fire from student protesters for past and present remarks targeting various groups but particularly Muslims.