Friday, February 26, 2021   

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A German Judge Bans Judaism, Islam
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A Cologne court has decreed that a child’s circumcision is “bodily harm” and thus verboten. Unless the German Bundestag intervenes, which it has pledged to do, about four million Muslims and 100,000-plus Jews will have to practice a central part of their religion in the catacombs of Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.

House OKs Senate changes to courts reform bill
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Thanks in part to the extension of time brought by an impasse over SB 1 and the anti-TSA-groping bill, the House met this morning and passed the courts reform bill.The House concurred with the Senate’s changes to HB 79 by a vote of 94-44.

Soldiers Forced to See Chaplain After Failing Army’s Spiritual Fitness Test
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Upon flunking the “Spiritual Fitness” section of the GAT, and receiving the above message telling them that “Change is possible” and that “you will improve here if you make this area a priority,” the spiritually deficient soldiers are directed to training modules to correct this problem with their “fitness.”

Man carries loaded handgun into Islamic Center school
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Authorities say Ylli Gocaj, 26, of Livonia, was driving southbound on I-75 in Perrysburg Township Tuesday when his vehicle ran out of gas. He then entered the center where nearly three dozens students were attending classes. Gocaj was carrying a loaded handgun; however, no shots were fired and no threats were made.

Islamic Center lives up to Muslim teachings, generously donates to needy
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The Islamic Center of Toledo Wednesday donated more than 4,300 pounds of food to the Toledo Seagate Food Bank. The center has been doing this for the past five years and, each year, has donated more and more food to the food bank.