Sunday, May 26, 2019   

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The Peace of the Sufis
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Nothing could seem further from the furor over a proposed Islamic study center in Lower Manhattan than these scenes of devotion for a man who transformed the Persian-speaking areas of the Islamic world with poetry about love, humility, tolerance and the individual embrace of God.

Ground Zero church proves Islamophobia alive and well
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Keller is a xenophobic pedagogue who dreamed up the idea for a Christian center near Ground Zero to further his hateful and inherently un-Christian message. How does mocking the Muslim religion in any way honor those who died on 9/11? Furthermore, how will a man who espouses such hatred help 9/11 families heal?

Diversity Within Islam
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William Dalrymple (“The Muslims in the middle,” Views, Aug. 18) is quite right to draw our attention to the progressive nature of Sufism within Islam. This issue goes beyond the building of a mosque near Ground Zero in New York.