Tuesday, April 13, 2021   

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Jewish Sufi Dervishes 1922
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“Because of its specific association with Sufism and its ensuing identification with Islam, dervishhood is an order comprised almost exclusively of Muslim practitioners. The two Jewish dervishes pictured here in this rare photograph are among the very few who had successfully been integrated into the order without converting to Islam.

Kamran Pasha: Digging Up Muslim Graves
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Among those calling for the removal of the Muslim cemetery are “Tea Party” supporters who have suggested that the Muslim group is a “for profit” venture and should be denied First Amendment religious protection. Property rights don’t seem to matter much to these alleged champions of liberty when Muslims are involved.

Andrew Reinbach: Tiny Upstate New York Town Wants Local Muslims to Dig Up Their Cemetery
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A town in upstate New York is trying to force a local Muslim religious community to dig up a small cemetery on its property and never bury anyone there again because it says it’s illegal.

Diversity Within Islam
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William Dalrymple (“The Muslims in the middle,” Views, Aug. 18) is quite right to draw our attention to the progressive nature of Sufism within Islam. This issue goes beyond the building of a mosque near Ground Zero in New York.

Sufis: The Muslims in the Middle
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We have seen Newt Gingrich depict the organization behind the center — the Cordoba Initiative, which is dedicated to “improving Muslim-West relations” and interfaith dialogue — as a “deliberately insulting” and triumphalist force attempting to built a monument to Muslim victory near the site of the twin towers.