Monday, April 19, 2021   

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Aitazaz Hasan Bangash: Sacrificed His Life to Save the Lives of Others
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Aitazaz Hasan Bangash shouldn’t have had to lay down his life for his fellow students as he went to school but he did not flinch when the fateful moment arrived. His courage and strength which would have been of great benefit to his people and nation preserved the lives and limbs of hundreds.

Experience: I was mistaken for a suicide bomber
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by Goudarz Karimi

‘I noticed a police officer on the other side of the street, crouching down and partly obscured by a tree… He slowly approached me, and I realised he had a gun’

The Suicide Bomber Prophet
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A clear majority of conservative Republicans (66%), white Evangelicals (60%), and Tea Baggers (67%) believe Islam is more violent than other religions, with a plurality of whites (44%) and older folks (42-46%) also thinking this. (Of note is that blacks, Hispanics, and liberal Democrats are significantly less bigoted towards Islam.)

Seattle woman charged with hate crime against two Muslim women
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Two Seattle Muslim women said they were simply trying to fill up at a gas station in Tukwila on Saturday when another woman started yelling slurs, kicked one woman and slammed a car door on her leg, and then pushed the other.

Racist Billboard of Obama in Colorado
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Someone in Colorado thought it would be a good idea to put a billboard of Obama as a Suicide bomber, pimp, Mexican bandito, and a gay person. If you ever wondered what was wrong with Republicans, watch this video and you might discover something…