Saturday, January 23, 2021   

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U.S. Muslims guilty until proven innocent
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Support of any kind for a group on the State Department’s list is now grounds for a trial on charges of terrorism

Justice Stevens voices support for NYC mosque
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“We should never pass judgment on barrels and barrels of apples just because one of them may be rotten,” said Stevens, who left the court in June. He commented on an issue of public debate in a way he most likely would have avoided had he still been serving as a justice.

Mark Sherman: Supreme Court Will Hear Ashcroft’s Request to Avoid Responsibility for Unlawful Arrests of Muslims
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The justices on Monday stepped into a dispute that, at its roots, concerns the Bush administration’s aggressive moves against Muslims and Arabs in the United States following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

When America feared and reviled Catholics
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The mind-set is all too familiar: A radical religious group, lurking inside the country, owing loyalty to a foreign power, threatens America. No one denies that its members have a right to worship as they please, but good Americans, patriots, feel compelled to call for curbs against the menace they present.

Muslim Student Find FBI’s GPS Device On His Car
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The FBI came calling, and told the student, Yasir Afifi, they were following him. They also asked for their tracking device back. The agency has yet to say exactly why they were tracking Afifi, who had posted pictures of the device on

Indian Court Delays Ruling on Mosque Site
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A lower court had been scheduled to issue a verdict on Friday, and the Indian government had issued national appeals for calm. The case involved the site of the former Babri mosque, which was destroyed by Hindu activists in 1992, sparking riots that killed about 2,000 people, mostly Muslims.

If the ‘mosque’ isn’t built, this is no longer America
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And I believe in an America that says to the world that we are a loving and generous people and if a bunch of murderers steal your religion from you and use it as their excuse to kill 3,000 souls, then I want to help you get your religion back. And I want to put it at the spot where it was stolen from you.

Robert Spencer Watch: Elena Kagan Ignorantly Promoting Shariah Law
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More of the same old conspiracies. On Spencer’s hate blog, he posted this article with the comment, “Ignorance and naivete, mixed in with the fashionable Leftist contempt for America.” Is he referring to the reporter or to Kagan?