Saturday, January 16, 2021   

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‘Ex-terrorist’ rakes in homeland security bucks
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Terrorism and Islam are inseparable, he tells them. All U.S. mosques should be under scrutiny.

“All Islamic organizations in America should be the No. 1 enemy. All of them,” he says.

Arabs Not Allowed because they aren’t Jewish; What if they were Muslim?
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Even more egregious, Jewish extremists in Israel are now inflicting a similar decrepit form of racist and religious discrimination. What if it were Muslims saying “this is a Muslim only neighborhood, no Jews allowed?” Or if this had happened in an area of Cairo?

Najib offers to help Obama beat Islamophobia in US
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Although the Asean-US meeting touched mainly on trade security and regional matters Najib took the opportunity to draw Obama’s attention to the issue of Islamophobia a phenomenon which has been on the increase in the US lately.