Thursday, September 24, 2020   

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The random Muslim scare story generator: separating fact from fiction
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The Niqab, by Nesrine Malik, TheGuardian

Halal meat is on every menu; sharia law is taking over; the niqab is undermining the nation. Ever noticed how often the same old stories keep appearing about Muslims in Britain? Here’s the truth about these and other media myths

ABC cancels controversial pilot Alice of Arabia following backlash
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by Rebecca Nicholson,, Monday 24 March 2014 10.33 EDT

Script, about an American girl kidnapped by her Saudi Arabian family, had been condemned by Council on American-Islamic Relations

‘The glass ceiling is incredibly low for Muslim women’
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Muneera and Nour went to the Urban Muslim Woman Show, an annual networking event that took place earlier this summer, in order to meet new contacts who might guide them in their careers. Like many Muslim women, they fear their professional identity may be distorted by the hijab and the presumptions people have about it.

UK’s first course in women, Islam and the media launched
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by David Shariatmadari

University of East Anglia degree module will cover topics including veil wearing, ‘honour’ crimes and arranged marriages.

Birmingham spy cameras to be dismantled
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The scheme, Project Champion, was shelved less than six months ago when an investigation by theGuardian revealed police had misled residents into believing the cameras were to be used to combat vehicle crime and antisocial behaviour.

Sabria Jawhar: Why I Hate the Burqa — And Yes, I Wear One
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There is no argument that can persuade me that laws designed to bully women into abandoning their cultural traditions because it makes people uncomfortable are essential in a free society. If a woman chooses to wear the niqab who are we to pass judgment?