Tuesday, December 10, 2019   

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10-Year Old Booted From Bus For Speaking Arabic
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A new lawsuit filed Friday in Brooklyn Federal Court charges that a 10-year-old Brooklyn boy was called a “terrorist” and banned from boarding a bus when he recited a Muslim prayer in Arabic after losing his MetroCard.

TYT: ‘Anti-Foreign’ Law Targets Muslims in Michigan
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The bill, sponsored by Republican state Rep. Dave Agema, would block “foreign laws that would impair constitutional rights” in the state. The Associated Press reports that though the bill “doesn’t specifically mention the Islamic legal code called sharia,” its “supporters have said they are concerned about the use of sharia spreading.”*

TYT: Did A Tea Party Leader Say ‘Jews Shouldn’t Be In Government’?
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by TheYoungTurks

Did Wes Harris, founder and chairman of the Original North Phoenix Tea Party, say that that there is ‘no such thing as a moderate Jew’ along with other outrageous anti-Jewish statements?

Louie Gohmert: “You See Me Huggin’ Muslims Around The World”
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Subtle Islamophobia has been a part of U.S. national discourse for a very long time, but up until recently, the rabid, vitriolic, and out-in-the-open form of anti-Muslim hysteria of the cyber-world was limited to websites like Jihad Watch.

The Young Turks: How Drone Strikes Help AlQaeda
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We’ve been reporting on this for quite some time now, but with the recent reports on how the Obama administration fudge’s the facts about civilian deaths there is renewed discussion on the effectiveness of the drone attacks.

Helpful Tip for Terrorists: Don’t Dress in “Arabian Attire”
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Georgia Congressman Paul Broun was recently on Fox “News” and expressed his outrage that an elderly white lady was frisked by TSA agents whereas a young man in “Arabic attire” was allowed to go through without any extra screening.