Wednesday, June 3, 2020   

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New York rally condemns King hearings
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Celebrities from boxing legend Mike Tyson to reality show darling Kim Kardashian added their support online. “We are bigger than Charlie Sheen – we are the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter,” hip-hop icon Russell Simmons told the rain-drenched crowd.

What Islamophobia really threatens
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With the volume of Islamophobia on the rise in the United States, a recent report prepared for Congress and new law enforcement data are shining fresh light on the significant role American Muslims play in foiling terrorist plots, particularly those of the domestic “homegrown” variety.

NYC Mosque Reaction Example of Islamophobia?
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A CBS News poll released Wednesday night finds seven of 10 Americans oppose building a mosque there. The poll also found that only 24 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of Islam while 39 percent have an unfavorable view.