Sunday, February 28, 2021   

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UK: Islamophobes Manufacture “Gender Segregation” Controversy
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by Ilisha

An Islamic society wants to host a university event where–gasp!–men and women are seated separately. Suddenly this minor event is major news in the UK.

BBC: “Hijab for a day: Non-Muslim Women Who Try the Headscarf”
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“Because I’m not very skilled I’m wearing what you could call a one-piece hijab – you just pull it over your head. But I’ve discovered the scope is endless. There are all sorts of options.”

Muslims have a history of tolerance toward other faiths
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On May 27, Bill Stephens published a letter in The Star Press in which he claimed, “Muslims want Shariah law, that has death as a penalty for not converting to Islam, and permits honor killings, stoning to death if guilty of adultery, or cutting off hands if guilty of theft, and treating women like slaves. …”

Jewish and Muslim leaders join forces to combat xenophobia
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Russian and Ukrainian Jewish and Muslim leaders meet in Kiev to discuss rise in Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia as part of month-long European efforts to heighten awareness and fight racism, extremism and discrimination.

Andy Stepanian: “I Love The Mosque” Shirts Printed by Activists to Challenge Islamophobia
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People say you worry more as you get older. I am wondering if it is that exact sentiment that is resonating in me now.