Friday, September 25, 2020   

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TSA to Travelers: Don’t Fear Muslim Practices During Ramadan
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The Transportation Security Administration is advising travelers that the Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins Tuesday, and that devout Muslims may be seen washing in airport bathrooms, praying aboard planes and constantly whispering prayers to themselves.

Racial profiling at US airports? Here’s an app for that
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By Robert MacPherson (AFP), Apr 30, 2012

WASHINGTON — Travelers who suspect they are victims of profiling by security screeners at US airports can now lodge a complaint in minutes, thanks to a smartphone application released on Monday.

Fired from TSA, Mpls. man gets prison term for off-duty hate crime against Somali
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A Minneapolis man who lost his job with the Transportation Security Administration for an off-duty assault of an elderly Somali man has been sentenced to six months in prison for the hate crime.

Homeland Security TSA Agent Exposed As Anti-Muslim Bigot
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Roy Egan, “a veteran officer with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in Chicago” and a TSA agent, was confronted by a reporter for his rabid anti-Muslim Facebook comments. Right now, the story is limited to local ABC News. I wonder if this will be aired on national and cable news networks.

Is TSA Exempting Women In Hijabs From Controversial Pat-Downs?
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Contrary to reports burning up the right-wing media that Muslim women would get a free pass, the Transportation Security Administration isn’t exempting anyone from those new intensive airport pat-downs.

Sikhs Call Airport Screening for Turbans ‘Security Theater’
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WASHINGTON (RNS) Leaders of three Sikh organizations say they’ve been told by federal transportation officials that turbans will always be searched at U.S. airports, a move that Sikh officials called unnecessary and unfair.