Friday, October 23, 2020   

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U.S. Muslims Ask: When Will The Blame Game End?
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Many U.S. Muslims say the battles are not just about the right to practice their religion, but also about a lingering sense that they are, and will always be, held responsible for terrorist acts committed in the name of Islam.

Charles Heiner: U.S. Muslims Sent to Concentration Camps
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The campaign got into full swing on a night that has come to be known as Hookahnacht, or The Night of Broken Hookahs, during which Muslim-owned businesses like hookah bars, hawala banks, and Middle Eastern grocery stores were attacked and looted by thousands of government forces.

Dr. David Liepert: To Mosque or Not to Mosque: Is Drama the Question
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On the surface Park51’s Islamic cultural centre is controversial for two reasons: concern about the location, and plans for a September 11, 2011 groundbreaking. However, the real reason for the controversy is simple.