Friday, January 22, 2021   

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Sikhs Against the EDL backs ‘Love Leicester, Hate Racism’ Demonstration
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The racist and fascist EDL want to march in Leicester this Saturday, 4th February, to spread their racist poison. To counter their unwanted presence and to stop them intimidating the local communities the antiracists will also take to the streets on the same day.

Leicester antiracist demo says: ‘EDL not welcome here’
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The EDL have tried to stir up hatred and division by demonstrating in the multiracial, multi-faith city, particularly targeting Muslims. Their “protest” ended in violence and attacks on the police, journalists and local black and Asian people.

Leaders of 14 unions back November demo against racism and Islamophobia
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The general secretaries of the GMB general union and the UCU lecturers’ union have both signed up to support the national demo against racism, fascism and Islamophobia on Saturday 6 November.

Model motion: November 6 demo against racism, fascism, Islamophobia
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Unite Against Fascism, Love Music Hate Racism and the Muslim Council of Britain have called a national march to end with a carnival on Saturday 6 November. The demo is backed by the TUC and UAF wants to ensure as many local trade union branches and community organisations as possible give their backing.