Sunday, January 17, 2021   

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Ben White: Let’s Be Honest About Britain’s Islamophobia
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It’s happening again. It never really goes away, but, for different reasons, it tends to come in periodic bursts.

What am I talking about? Britain’s latest frenzy of Islamophobic incitement.

Malala Yousafzai and the White Saviour Complex
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by Assed Baig, Huffpo UK

When Malala Yusufzai was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen simply because she wanted to gain an education it sent shockwaves around the world.

Bonnie Greer: Don’t Ban Pam Geller and Robert Spencer – We Need All Laughs We Can Get Right Now
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It’s quite a wonder to behold, how ‘Tommy Robinson’ is fast becoming the Hugh Grant of far right nationalism. While poor old Nick Griffin, a fading light, does everything he can to capture our attention, his younger rival is racing rapidly up the Hate Hit Parade.

Mehdi Hasan: As a Muslim, I Struggle With the Idea Of Homosexuality – But I Oppose Homophobia
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The Cambridge University theologian Dr Tim Winter, one of the UK’s leading Islamic scholars, apologised on 2 May after footage emerged showing him calling homosexuality the “ultimate inversion” and an “inexplicable aberration”.

Reyhana Patel: Can You Be a Muslim and Politically Active Without Being Called an Extremist?
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Last week, prominent Muslim commentator Mehdi Hasan argued that fear-mongering and negative stereotyping of Muslims in public life has spun out of control.

Myriam Francois-Cerrah: Islamophobia: Orwellian ‘Doublespeak’ ?‎
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Earlier this month, James Bloodworth wrote a blog for the Independent ‎comparing Islamophobia to a type of Orwellian doublespeak, designed to ‎shut down public debate. He joins a chorus of voices on the Left who reject ‎the term on grounds of the ‘freedom to criticise’ Islam.‎