Sunday, April 18, 2021   

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British Muslims Face Worst Job Discrimination of Any Minority Group
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British Muslims Face Worst Job Discrimination of Any Minority Group Muslims are facing the worst job discrimination of any minority group in Britain, according to new research which found that they had the lowest chance of being in work or […]

National newspaper is prejudiced and skewing halal debate, says MP
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MP Yasmin Qureshi has accused national newspapers of prejudice in the debate over the ethics of halal and kosher meat. The MP for Bolton South East spoke in parliament over the practice of slaughtering meat in line with Islamic law.

The random Muslim scare story generator: separating fact from fiction
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The Niqab, by Nesrine Malik, TheGuardian

Halal meat is on every menu; sharia law is taking over; the niqab is undermining the nation. Ever noticed how often the same old stories keep appearing about Muslims in Britain? Here’s the truth about these and other media myths

‘People grab our veils, call us terrorists and want us dead’: What it’s really like to be a Muslim woman in Britain
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“It is something I have got used to since 9/11. From being called Osama Bin Laden to Paki-terrorist I have heard it all,” Zab Mustefa, a British Muslim journalist, who specialises in women’s rights and culture, tells me.

Farage dissociates himself from Harry Perry, but why no action against Magnus Nielsen?
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It would appear that the UK Independence Party may be about to suspend Harry Perry, the party’s candidate for Stockport Council whose offensive tweets and support for the English Defence League were exposed last week.

German princess appears in court accused of threatening to kill Muslims and attacking fellow revellers at a posh Scots party
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A German princess appeared in court yesterday accused of threatening to kill Muslims and calling police officers paedophiles at a posh Scots bash.

Imran Awan: Why Muslims in Birmingham Feel Like a ‘Suspect’ Community
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They also remind me of past incidents which has led to a ‘breakdown’ of relationship between the police and the Muslim community in Birmingham.

Islamophobic hoax exposed
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The fact that it has been taken seriously in the news media is a worrying reflection of the extent to which anti-Muslim prejudice in the UK today has destroyed journalists’ capacity for critical thinking when it comes to evaluating spurious Islamophobic propaganda.

Call for ‘solidarity’ after Stevenage mosque attack
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(The Comet)

Salman Lone, from the Stevenage Muslim Community Centre, spoke at a meeting with the police on Friday – three days after a flammable liquid was poured inside the mosque in Vardon Road and set alight.

London Mayor’s Awkward Moment: Remove children from “Islamist radicals”
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To his credit, London Mayor Boris Johnson prefaced his anti-Muslim diatribe with a qualifier in an article published by the Telegraph. Johnson said he was glad it was the last time the public would have to hear the perpetrators “pervert the religion of Islam.”