Monday, April 12, 2021   

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At Orthodox Sex-Abuse Trial, Little-Known Enforcement Group Comes to Light
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The article rightly points out that the Torah doesn’t say,“‘Make a modesty squad.’ They made it themselves.” One has to wonder if the Vaad were Muslim if such a point would be made?

Top Israeli Rabbi Urges Prayers for the Destruction of Iran
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MEMRI and other anti-Muslim Islamophobic groups and websites routinely play sermons from Imam’s or Ayatollah’s praying to God for the destruction and or decimation of “enemies.”

Ultra Orthodox Vandalize 1600 Year Old Synagogue Mosaic
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Recently we had Pat Robertson giving sanction to the destruction of Buddha statues. Now we have a slightly different and bizarre case of desecration. A suspected group of Ultra-Orthodox Jews have vandalized and caused “irreparable” damage to a rare 1600 year old mosaic in an ancient synagogue.

ADL Urges Chief Rabbis to Denounce Spitting at Christians
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If Muslims were committing this disgusting practice you can be sure that the hatemongers would be up in arms declaring Islam a “vile and intolerant” religion. They would also claim that this is the “pure Islam, etc.”

Boy’s Remains Found in Refrigerator; New York Man in Custody
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NEW YORK—A young Brooklyn boy who vanished while walking home from a day camp in one of the safest parts of the city was killed and dismembered by a stranger who he had turned to for help after getting lost, police said Wednesday.