Tuesday, January 19, 2021   

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How Tarek Mehanna Went to Prison for a Thought Crime
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African Americans in the heart of Michigan’s auto industry built the mosque I attended as a child. In the tide and tumult of the civil rights movement, Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad inspired them first to join the Nation of Islam, and later Sunni Islam.

Asra Nomani: Government Should Tell Muslims How to Worship
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Freedom of worship is one of our most invaluable rights. It means that I have the complete freedom and the human right to worship God the way I see fit or to not worship, provided that I uphold the standards of civil law.

Andrew Reinbach: Sharia Law Threat: Right-Wing Boogeyman
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But you’d never know that from what’s pouring out of outfits like Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, fromFox News or from right-wing bloggers across the land, all of whom say the threat is real — real enough to spawn 15 proposed state and federal laws against it.

Joyce Kaufman: Anti-Muslim Chief of Staff threatens Violence
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Mainstream Muslims have been promoting coexistence with the Common Word initiative, a letter signed by hundreds of Muslim leaders calling for peace and harmony between Christianity and Islam. One would think such positive developments deserve our support.

Maybe He Didn’t Know…
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Maybe the “Scholar” missed it; maybe he didn’t really know; maybe, his “Muslim police blotter” failed to pick it up. But, Robert Spencer seems to conveniently ignore exculpatory facts that strike at the heart of his relentless argument that Islam is violent, evil, etc. Just the latest case in point: his decrying the death threat against Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris.

Harvard faces protests over honour for Martin Peretz
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Harvard academics and students are demanding that the university rescind a plan to honour the editor-in-chief of a leading Washington political magazine this week after he wrote that Muslims are unfit for the protections of the US constitution and said that “Muslim life is cheap”.