Friday, April 23, 2021   

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Steve Chapman: Shariah Charade
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In the 19th century, Catholicism was regarded by many people in this country as thoroughly incompatible with Americanism. They saw it as a hostile foreign element that would subvert democracy. Today, a majority of the justices on the Supreme Court are Catholic, and they are taken to be as American as Mountain Dew.

Why you shouldn’t tell American border guards you’re in Islamic Studies
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On May 1, 2010, Pascal Abidor was riding an Amtrak train from Montreal to New York. His parents live in Brooklyn, and he was on his way to visit them. The school year at McGill had just ended, and he felt relieved and calm as the train rolled south towards America.

UK’s first course in women, Islam and the media launched
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by David Shariatmadari

University of East Anglia degree module will cover topics including veil wearing, ‘honour’ crimes and arranged marriages.

Islamic publishing house flourishes in US
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For decades, Islamic publishing in the US was a small but steady market, with just a handful of players. But after the September 11 attacks, interest in the religion heightened, as did enrolment in Islamic studies courses at universities across the United States.

Muslims In Mexico Under Greater Scrutiny From U.S.
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The 2010 Mexican census says there are 3760 Muslims living in Mexico in regions as varied as Chiapas and Mexico City. The assassination of Osama bin Laden earlier this month has caused the Mexican and American governments to step up their surveillance of this little-known community.

US embassy cables: Egypt’s choice not just between Islam and dictatorship, says US
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The Egyptians will welcome you warmly, but you should be aware of some shifts in the political context and atmospherics of our relationship with Egypt since we last updated you in December (reftel).

America’s ‘Islamophobia machine’ doing great damage
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The Post released the report on the extensive security measures entitled “Top Secret America.”

The investigation was first released in July of 2010, and is a series that is being updated, with its latest installment “Monitoring America” released on Dec. 20.

WikiLeaks: Kiwi mosque spied on by US
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The Muslim community in New Zealand was probed by United States diplomats for signs of extremist behaviour – even visiting a mosque to listen to a preacher’s teaching. Signs of a Kiwi al-Qaeda failed to emerge despite mosque visits, quiet dinners with members of the Muslim society and meetings with Islamic scholars.

Emails show Mayor Bloomberg’s office’s help and desire to get Ground Zero mosque built
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The Daily Mail picks up on a story that has already done the rounds in the right-wing media in the US (the paper has in fact lifted it directly from the New York Post).

American Muslim Doctor Goes on Offensive Against Muslim Extremists
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Frustrated by the continued radicalization of Muslim youth, Dr. Ali Shehata – an ER physician and author of the book Demystifying Islam, as well as an instructor with the Al-Maghrib Institute Muslim seminary – has decided that enough is enough.