Wednesday, October 21, 2020   

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Possibility of Islamic Cemetery in Danville Causes Controversy
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Danville, VA – The possible creation of an Islamic cemetery in Danville is creating a lot of controversy. The Danville Masjid and Islamic Center wants to form a cemetery at the end of Kingoff Drive, next to the Danville Expressway. But some folks are not happy.

US citizen on no-fly list detained after cruise
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McLEAN, Va. – An Oregon man who traveled to England by boat because of his apparent placement on the no-fly list was detained Monday upon his arrival in Great Britain, according to his family and lawyer.

Muslims often put on no-fly list without explanation
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McLEAN, Va. — The calls have reached a point of repetitive regularity for civil rights lawyer Gadeir Abbas: A young Muslim American, somewhere in the world, is barred from boarding an airplane.

Garage sale nightmare: Woman refuses to sell to homosexuals, Muslims and immigrants
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A woman in Leesburg, Va., is receiving national attention after she responded to queries about an ad on craigslist about her garage sale with a racist and homophobic email.