Tuesday, April 20, 2021   

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Jewish and Muslim communities to break fast for peace
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Jewish and Muslim communities to break fast for peace By Keldy Ortiz (New Haven Register) NEW HAVEN >> The violent actions on display between Israelis and Palestinians is a sight Rabbi Herbert Brockman doesn’t like viewing or listening to. But […]

TIME: “The Face of Buddhist Terror”
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Having seen the type of headlines about Islam and Muslims that have proliferated over the decades I recoil at the association of a religion, Buddhism, with “terror” and violence. This kind of sensationalist treatment is unnecessary and when it becomes a cultural meme can have near irreversible consequences.

Link Between Islam And Violence Rejected By Many Americans After Boston Bombings: Pew Survey
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After the Boston Marathon bombing suspects were revealed to be Muslims who investigators said were motivated in part by radical Islam, American Muslims were quick to condemn the bombings and plea for Americans to not retaliate against the peaceful majority.

Sri Lanka: Muslims Forced Out of their Homes Anuradhapura Malwathu Oya
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A Mosque was burnt down in Anuradhapura last October (2012). The perpetrators of this crime have not been identified as yet, but last week, an extremist group of Buddhist monks went to the same area and protested to remove the mosque there.

Whac-A-Raghead for Just $325
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Revenge. It is among the most potent drivers of human behavior. The 9/11 terrorist attacks more than a decade ago shocked the world, and for some, the horrific attacks provoked a powerful demon with a voracious appetite for vengeance.

Glenn Greenwald: Combating Islamophobic violence
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by Glenn Greenwald (Salon.com)

Shortly after the Islamic Society of Joplin opened a mosque in 2007 in Joplin, a small town in Southwest Missouri, the sign in front was set on fire, an act determined to be arson.

Most Victims of Islamic Terrorism are Muslims… And Why America is to Blame For It
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Following the 9/11 attacks, President George Bush signed into law the Patriot Act and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (IRTPA), both of which gave “the government sweeping authority to spy on individuals inside the United States.”

Salon.com: What might cause another 9/11?
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By Glenn Greenwald

It is supporters of Obama’s aggression, not its opponents, who are likely to provoke another Terrorist attack

Spelling Bee for Muslim schools provokes Islamophobic Hate Fest
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by Sheila Musaji

There will be a Muslim Spelling Bee this year for students of Islamic schools across the country. This is the first year that Muslims have held such an event.

LGF: Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s Friend Freely Admits to Beating and Stabbing Muslims
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The subject is Rodan (aka Trajan 75, Emporer Palpatine, et al). Rodan began as webmaster for Think Progress Watch and is currently the webmaster and primary functionary at The Blogmocracy and The Diary of Daedalus.