Friday, January 22, 2021   

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Keith Ellison: Congress must take control of drones
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Civilian deaths are too high, and the president’s power is too sweeping. An unmanned U.S. aerial vehicle — or drone — reportedly killed eight people in rural Pakistan last week, bringing the estimated death toll from drone strikes in Pakistan this year to 35.

A German Judge Bans Judaism, Islam
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A Cologne court has decreed that a child’s circumcision is “bodily harm” and thus verboten. Unless the German Bundestag intervenes, which it has pledged to do, about four million Muslims and 100,000-plus Jews will have to practice a central part of their religion in the catacombs of Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.

Federal lawsuit charges religious freedom commission with discriminating against Muslims
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More on the problematic nature of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) surfaces. Remember the USCIRF is the same govt. body that appointed Zuhd Jasser as one of its commissioners:

Five reasons to stop questioning the president’s faith
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By Faheem Younus
I thought the question was so absurd to begin with, that it would go away on its own.

I was wrong.

Anya Cordell: Hate Speech Against Muslims Incites Violence
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Four days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, three innocent men, (Sikh, Muslim and Egyptian Christian) were murdered. The killer of the Sikh victim vowed to “kill the ragheads,” shooting the first person he saw wearing a turban.

In response to Norway attacks, right-wing bloggers suddenly demand nuance
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As the news of terrorist attacks in Oslo broke on Friday, the conservative media were quick to place the blame on al Qaeda even though the details weren’t fully known.

New Pro-Romney Super PAC Run By Operative Behind Racist Willie Horton, ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Ads
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The Washington Post reported last week that a new “Super PAC” — a political committee that can accept unlimited corporate contributions — has been set up by Mitt Romney supporters to run ads for the 2012 election.

Alex Pareene Takes the WaPo On Faith Blog to Task
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Last time we checked in on the Washington Post’s “On Faith,” a silly group religion blog run by the reliably embarrassing Sally Quinn, it had just run a piece arguing that Barack Obama had only himself to blame for the fact that many old white people think he’s a Muslim.

America’s ‘Islamophobia machine’ doing great damage
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The Post released the report on the extensive security measures entitled “Top Secret America.”

The investigation was first released in July of 2010, and is a series that is being updated, with its latest installment “Monitoring America” released on Dec. 20.

Jordan Sekulow: WaPo Blogger “Proud” to Have Shared Stage with Geert Wilders
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An interesting blogpost by Sarah Posner of Religion Dispatches. WaPo Blogger Jordan Sekulow is proud to stand with Geert Wilders, if Washington Post has any self-respect they will fire him.