Monday, September 21, 2020   

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France: Hamburger Chains Decision Sparking Tensions Over Islam
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What is it about Muslims and food that just gets people upset? There was Campbell’s soup, there was the fact that Banana’s are shaped like crescent moons and now there is issues with Quick’s hamburgers.

Mark Olmsted: Se Habla Fear: Monolingualism and Its Discontents
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I find it highly amusing to keep hearing the leaders of Tea Party America hold up Western European Social Democracy as the type of society we must avoid becoming at all costs. What is it, exactly, they find so horrific? The universal health care? The excellent public transportation? Four weeks of vacation a year?

EDL launches ‘European Defence League’, organises Amsterdam demo in support of Wilders
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The demonstration in Amsterdam is due to take place on 30 October, according to the EDL website. Mr Wilders heads to court at the end of next month on charges of inciting racism. The case begins 5 October, with a verdict expected 2 November.